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LIVING FULLY, satisfied by their consistent
performance and productivity improvement

Authentic leaders are self-actualized individuals who are self-aware, genuine and not afraid to show their true self to their followers.  They work towards what is best for the organization and the people, but not for self-gratification.

When led by such authentic leaders, a team gains the culture of working to achieve results, not to gain praise or gratification. This makes the employees better their performance and work towards improving their overall productivity. As a result, they derive more satisfaction from their work, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest.

One lives a full life when they are happy with the situation they are in. Through authentic leadership, leaders create an environment that employees are happy to participate in.  Work becomes something they look forward to; they put in effort and are happy to see their hard work give positive results.

deeply loyal to the organization

Authentic leaders bring in emotional involvement at the work place. By being their true self and showing their true personality, they relate and engage emotionally with employees on a personal level. This is how they earn the trust, loyalty and commitment of employees.

Emotional involvement of employees is beneficial to the organization as it goes hand in hand with loyalty.  Employees pour their hearts into their work and are resilient even when times are tough.  Looking up to their leader to whom they are emotionally connected with, they get the strength to strive for and achieve that which they are focused on.

The opposite of emotional commitment is when employees are detached from the organization. Though they report to work, they do not commit to achieving the goals of the organization leading to poor results. It is the role of the authentic leader therefore to derive commitment and loyalty from employees through emotional engagement.

AWARE of themselves, taking appropriate
and committed actions

Self-awareness is one of the bases of authentic leadership. For leaders to bring out their true self to the employees, they must be self aware. This is awareness of their strengths, weaknesses, points of correction and points of learning. They are also aware of their surrounding so as to apply some contingency leadership as well.

Employees learn how to be self-aware from their leader, who leads by example. Through observation and experience, they learn to be their true self and also become aware of their environment. Most of the time, leadership is situational, and by learning from the leader, they know what to do in various situations.

Self awareness makes one responsible and accountable for their actions. No matter what decision a self aware leader or employee makes, they take responsibility despite the consequences. They are committed to their actions and would not shy away from a situation calling for decision making.

DEDICATED to establishing trustworthy
relationships and overcoming conflicts

In authentic leadership, genuineness is the basis for establishing trustworthy relationships. Since full authenticity is about being your true self, the same is expected of others that you want to build a relationship with. An authentic leader brings out the true self and expects the same of employees.

When being genuine is the common denominator, each person is understood for who they really are. As a result, a trustworthy relationship is created from acceptance of every kind of personality. In a team, one is not afraid of speaking out due to fear of judgement since the team is connected by the virtue of trust.

This kind of relationship between team members reduces unnecessary conflicts. In situations where conflicts are inevitable, the genuine relationship the members have helps them to come to an agreement on how to solve the conflict. The members agree to disagree and focus on the goal of the team, not individual interests.

EXPRESSIVE of their ideas and issues
through a clear and compelling vision

Authentic leaders communicate the vision with clarity and seek contribution from the team members on the way forward to achieve the vision. Since this kind of leader is genuine, the true position of the team is communicated in terms of resources, capabilities and the capacity of the team.

Team members are encouraged to express their ideas. Due to the trusting relationship created between the members, and the open environment encouraged by the leader, they are comfortable with sharing ideas and issues freely. This creates an open environment that accommodates new ideas while challenging other ideas.

Authentic leadership creates a culture of working towards the team’s vision not for self benefit. Members understand that they do not necessarily have similar ideas initially, but can reach conclusive ones that are beneficial to the team. All members of the team therefore discuss and push forward ideas that contribute positively to achieving of the vision.

RESPECTFUL to all through transparency,
honesty and righteousness

Employees guided through authentic leadership learn the importance of transparency, honesty and righteousness. They understand that they need to be genuine to all as a way of respecting every member of the team, the leader, and any other stakeholder.

Most times in the business environment, transparency is not straightforward and most hold back when they feel that what they are about to communicate will not receive positive reception. Authentic leadership on the other hand is based on ethical principles and calls for transparency and honesty even when it seems unfavorable.

Since authentic leadership is focused on the long term results, and not what seems appropriate now, team member learn to forgo current comfort for better long term results. Consequently, they are honest about the situations at hand, creating a culture of transparency and accountability. A little honesty and righteousness today pays off well in the future.

SERVICE-oriented towards the satisfaction
of clients and stakeholders

The overall purpose of most organizations is to offer the best to their clients and other stakeholders. An organization based on authenticity purposes to be genuine to clients so they are satisfied with the services offered.

A team led by an authentic leader derives satisfaction from their work and passes the same to the clients. They are able to genuinely serve the clients through dedication and commitment. Since these employees are committed to working to achieve the long term goal of the organization, they put the needs of the clients first as well as those of other stakeholders.

A self aware employee is not afraid to give the best services to the clients. They are not afraid to show emotion, empathy and connect with the customers at a personal level. This leaves the clients feeling important, cared about, and very likely to come back for more services.

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