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Start Moving Forward in the Right Direction
by Deepening your Self-Knowledge

The IGNITED Series is a self-discovery mentorship
to help you free yourself from lingering sufferings
through self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Ian opened my heart and eyes to new realities about me, information that transformed my life in general and my capacity to engage with others in particular.”

You want to feel empowered about your life, optimistic about the future and inspired to take action.

You want to know exactly what you need, what to do to get it and how it makes you happier.

But more than anything, you just want to get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed and feel like yourself again.

– – – – – – –

After more than 10 years of helping people deepen their self-knowledge, move forward toward their goals and ultimately create the life they really want, I know that right now you are:

* Feeling stressed from being overwhelmed, anxious about the upcoming future and are, unfortunately, defaulting out to ‘comfort as happiness’.
* Feeling guilty for putting yourself first, ashamed of not having it all figured out by now and basically bored with the lack of passion in your life.
* Comparing yourself to others to find guiding similarities, knowing very well they are too complacent to your liking and that this behavior renders you more confused and powerless.
* Trying to find the perfect balance between what ‘society’ expects from you and what you think you want while trying to figure out what you really need to be happy.
* Feeling more like an actor than the author of your life, so you confusingly procrastinate and only take very calculated risks if any.
* Chasing the ultimate Truth while ignoring opportunities that are calling you because, let’s face it, you are busy making a living.
* Worrying about time flying by and not getting any closer to fulfilling your dreams and aspirations while deeply knowing you were born for a much larger purpose.

If this shines a light on your present situation — while stinging a bit or literally pissing you off — you are in the right place at the right time with the right people.

In fact, this is the tunnel of unconscious suffering of practically every soul-searching client I’ve ever worked with.

As someone who has been there for the better part of my 20s, I get it.

You’ve been relentlessly searching for the right answers for a while now. You are determined to find a solution to your lingering life problems. And because of that, you’ve got used to prioritizing other people’s opinions, needs and wants ahead of your own since they seem to make sense and work for them.

But focusing on outside solutions to your inner problems, while sticking your head in the sand due to an overload of stress from outside information, won’t get you satisfied. Not even close.

The truth is, when you’re looking for answers in all the wrong places, trying to self-analyze without an outside perspective and figuring it all out by yourself, you fall short in abundance within many areas like time, energy, money and opportunities. And since you effectively attract who you are, you simply cannot afford for your soul to plunge into darkness.

Because when it does? Your entire life will come to an unsatisfactory crawl along with its fulfillment.

Hi, I’m Ian. I am a Spiritual Warrior helping people free themselves from their suffering through self-exploration, self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Let’s not kid ourselves here – you and I both know that your current path isn’t serving you nor getting you any closer to your goals.

You’ve probably already challenged yourself multiple times to look deeper, change your habits and take better care of yourself.

But despite your best intentions, you’ve found yourself reaching back to old, trivial reference points and you just can’t understand why they don’t do the trick anymore.

Want to know what’s missing?


When you know exactly who you are and what you really want, one element will become crystal clear: how to create it and what to do next.

And when you constantly reconnect with your inner true self, all the answers you are looking for become available to you and your priorities are instantly aligned with your deepest values — that’s when amazing things will start to happen in your life.

Just imagine…
* Feeling energized with life, focused on the present and fully committed to elevating your level of happiness on a daily basis.
* Understanding that self-care is an essential element of your well-being and feeling at ease knowing this is an ever-evolving process that you embrace with creativity and passion.
* Knowing exactly who you are and feeling the power of having an inner lighthouse that constantly brings you home in tough times.
* Feeling confident to shine your true light while engaging with people without the worry that you will get influenced into society’s ‘coma’.
* Being proactive in the creation of your life, directing your every decision and deeply enjoying self-confirmed risk-taking.
* Seizing opportunities based on your inner voice and prioritizing your actions to free the needed time to accomplish your life’s goals.
* Answering your personal calling and naturally fulfilling your purpose, knowing your life is unfolding in a timely manner precisely as it should be.

But you only get those kind of results when you start taking full responsibility for your situation and open up to new, deeper answers coming your way.

Introducing The IGNITED Series: A one-on-one self-knowledge and self-acceptance mentorship for answer-seeking individuals with goals to attain and a purpose to fulfill.

During this 9-session mentorship, you will learn the importance of asking the right questions and looking for deeper answers from within your best resource — you!

I will teach you how to recognize and interpret your inner signals to understand ‘you’ and act in a more loving way towards yourself.

And I will support you along your path of self-discovery so you put in practice right away your newly found knowledge that will help you reach your goals and feel your most inspired self.

Pay in Full @ $1350 (saving $150)
Pay on a Plan @ $250 x 6 months

Here’s what’s included in your 9-session mentorship:
* A 60-minute breakthrough session to discuss where you are, how you feel and what you want to aim for during our time together. By establishing a starting point and a specific target, we will look for opportunities to discover and integrate new, healthy habits into your life and map out clear measures for a successful progression.
* A heart-centered process of seven 60-minute personalized sessions to explore your different levels of consciousness, examining the impact your current lifestyle is having on you and taking immediate actions to free yourself of your unconscious and lingering suffering.
* A 60-minute results-confirming session to put everything together and plan your new approach to your daily challenges with your newly found self-knowledge.

* A private Facebook group to connect with peers going through the same process as yourself to express your insights and offer words of support. (value of $197)
* A copy of my book on how to beat procrastination for good to deepen the process and move forward towards understanding and reversing the negative effects of the ‘paralysis by analysis’ syndrome. (value of $17)
* A lifetime access to the IYL online course, when it is launched later in 2017. (value of $997)

The IGNITED Series will teach you how to:
* Listen to your body’s messages to guide your healing capabilities.
* Put yourself first to replenish your ability to openly give back to others.
* Reconnect to your inner lighthouse that always brings you home, where you belong.
* Bravely shine your True Light, in solitude and in the presence of others.
* Communicate your needs, take your own decisions and enjoy the whole process.
* Listen to your inner voice and respect its messages as loving, guiding whispers.
* Open to your life’s calling to fulfill your purpose through inspired actions.

You are not lacking generic answers and common knowledge in your pursuit of happiness — only meaningful and personalized insights.

As a Spiritual Warrior and founder of The IGNITED Series, I created this self-discovery mentorship for soul-seeking individuals like you, who recognize that to naturally move forward, hit their goals with ease and continually be at their best, they need to deepen their self-knowledge and take better care of themselves.

As a self-confessed over-analyzer and master procrastinator, I recognized the importance of asking the uncomfortable questions to deepen my self-knowledge so I could understand how to use my strengths and weaknesses to propel myself forward and reach my goals with ease. I knew that in order to feel like my best self, I needed to gain daily insights into myself at a whole new level.

At the heart of The IGNITED Series is the desire to empower you with the knowledge you need to easily move forward and reach your goals.

I know you probably feel like your daily grind has to come first right now — after all, you have bills to pay and work to do — you may even have made the conscious decision to prioritize your family, work and friends over your self-improvement.

But here’s the thing: every single aspect of your life has one element in common — you — and neglecting yourself will inevitably result in a lower general performance, affecting all those same spheres of life you are trying to maintain and satisfy, therefore crippling your ability to reach the level of happiness and fulfillment you desire.

As such, the simplest way to achieve these goals is to see them as strategic priorities in your over-arching schedule (not as negotiable tasks that stay on your to-do list for weeks or months at a time.)

In contrast to the many other coaching and therapy offers available out there, The IGNITED Series is a self-discovery mentorship designed specifically for you — the soul-searching individual looking for deeper answers from within.

You won’t have to waste time trying to explain to me what a life-transforming crossroad is all about because I already get it — I have been searching my own deeper answers for most of my 20s in outside distractions to understand in my early 30s that they all come from within myself.

By the time our work together is done, you will know the important questions to ask yourself and how to discover, understand and accept the answers coming from within.

Your day-to-day life accomplishments and your personal improvement don’t need to be mutually exclusive. With The IGNITED Series, I will show you that you can have it all.

“I am a seasoned executive and I thought I knew all there was to know about myself.
Ian opened my heart and eyes to new realities about me, information that transformed my life in general and my capacity to engage with others in particular.” – Philippe T.

“Ian is a good communicator. His remarks are clear and easy to understand. As soon as his book is available, go get it — it’s a “must”. His simplicity and enthusiasm will charm you, his words will touch you. A simple one-hour visit with him and “poof” your life can change!” – Paule A.

“I read Ian’s book and referred it to all my clients. Accessible for all, his book allows us to highlight step by step our obstacles that block us to move towards action. It leads us to reflect on ourselves, our values and our beliefs and surpass our fears in order to increase our confidence and our motivation to always go further.” – Isabelle L.

I have designed this mentorship so you get access to everything you need to move forward — guidance, information and put-it-into-practice accountability — without having to make any other high-ticket investments.

With The IGNITED Series, you won’t need to juggle competing and conflicting advice from a doctor or a psychologist. Bear in mind that this is NOT a therapy — I will talk more than you will — and it is NOT coaching — I will give you my opinion, based on my experience and expertise, and I will tell you what to do.

And you won’t have to navigate the time-consuming trial and error that goes along with finding a self-discovery program that really suits you.

All you need to do is show up, be willing to implement the guidance I give you and you’ll start to see results right away.

The IGNITED Series is an investment in yourself of only $1350 (or 6 payments of $250).

To guarantee that I provide the level of high-touch support required to help you create lasting
transformation in yourself, I only work with a limited number of clients at any one time.

Right now, I am launching a new group of individuals and I have only 20 spots for the rest of the year and I already know they are going to go fast!

Act today to make one of them yours.


Pay in Full @ $1350 (saving $150)
Pay on a Plan @ $250 x 6 months

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although I cannot guarantee results, I can guarantee satisfaction. Enrol now, start The IGNITED Series and if you feel, for any reasons, that this is not a good fit, let me know by the third session and I will reimburse your investment. We both move on, no hard feelings. I value your time and mine and I will not accept to waste it in any way.


What will happen next?
When you confirm your investment, I will create your account in SatoriApp — a software I use to synchronize our agendas — and you will be able to book your first session. I will keep in touch weekly via email throughout your mentorship and beyond.

What if I live in a different area?
If you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, we can meet at my office for our sessions. If you live outside the area, we will use a videoconference software called — at no charge to you, it will enable us to see eachother — so we can connect from anywhere in the world.

What if I want to stop the process?
This mentorship will ask a lot of you. If you are experiencing some roadblocks along the way, we will break through them together. I am your steel wall. I will not let you down. If it gets tough, I will be there for you. If we confirm that this mentorship is not for you, I will refund your money.

What if I have more questions?
You can always reach me via and I will respond promptly.

I invite you to engage on this path of self-discovery now to save yourself from years of suffering.

Don’t do like I did and try to figure it all out on your own. I spent my 20s asking myself the wrong, superficial questions — when I finally ‘got it’, I spent another 10 years creating and testing The IGNITED Series on myself.

I want you to have the opportunity I wished for so many years ago.

Don’t look back a year from now and regret the choice you didn’t make today.


Pay in Full @ $1350 (saving $150)
Pay on a Plan @ $250 x 6 months