3 Ways To Fail

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“Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well. I’m still in Mexico with this beautiful weather and today I want to share with you some insight or some thoughts on failure. It’s something that has been in my mind for the last few weeks — how many times in the past I’ve failed and that those failures, because I learned from them, brought me here in this moment. We have to be grateful about those failures even if sometimes it’s not super evident or super easy to do that.

Really, what I want to share with you is three ways to fail so it’s gonna propel you. You’re gonna learn from these mistakes or failures and that it’s gonna propel you forward. Because even though today I have wonderful, sunny weather — it’s almost 30 degrees — it’s beautiful. In reality, it’s not always all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, there are rainy days and as earth, as the evolution, as growth needs it to be, sometimes the rainy days can be useful and can help you to either go back a little bit and think about what you’re doing, and then move forward again on the next sunny day.

I really see failures — even though, in my mind there’s not really any failures, as long as you learn from your mistake or your past failures — you either win or you either learn. What I want to share also is that — another piece of inside information before I go to the three ways to fail so you learn and you move forward — I want to specify that we never grow from a win. A win, basically a success, is basically a confirmation of what we’ve been doing before, in the past, worked so we succeed and we get a win. So, we don’t learn anything from winning or from having successes.

The real learning experience and the real growth is in failure. I want you to fail in three ways to really get the full experience of it and to really learn from it and move forward after that.

The first way to fail is to fail early or to fail fast. There’s only one way to fail and it’s to take risks. If you take risks, then you have an opportunity to win something big, to have a bigger success or to fail miserably. I want you to fail fast and fail early, meaning that you need to take risks right now, today. Take some risk, get out of your comfort zone and if you win, that’s great, it’s a confirmation that you did something good or you did something right at that particular moment in that situation. And, if you fail, if you don’t win, if you don’t succeed, if you made a mistake or whatever, then this is a great opportunity to learn from that mistake and to grow from that and to move on to the next success.

Fail early and fail fast, meaning, you’ve got to take risks every single day. Small risks, calculated risks, big risks, doesn’t matter as long as you take risks every day — that you get out of your comfort zone every day — one step at a time. Then, if you fail you can grab the lesson and go on to the next success.

The second way is to fail often. I come back to the same idea. If you fail once and you say, “Okay, well, I learned my lesson, I’m quitting”, then, obviously, you’re not going to get the life and the health and the vibrant energy and the relationships that you want. You have to fail often so don’t just fail fast and stop there, when you fail fast and you fail early, it’s a great thing. Consider that a blessing and then the next day try again. Risk again and hopefully, not every day, but hopefully you fail again so you learn more and then you can grow from that.

So, fail early and fail often — meaning taking risks every day and seeing what happens with that.

And then the third way to fail is to fail forward, meaning that when you fail, when you try something, when you take a risk and things don’t work out your way, then at least learn the lesson so the failure won’t be in vain and it won’t be for nothing. Learn the lesson and move on with that and it’s gonna help you grow and get to your next success.

The two main messages that I want to share with you today: one is to take risks and hopefully fail enough times that you learn enough lessons to get to your next successes, and again, learn the lesson. Don’t fail for nothing and certainly don’t quit.

Fail early, fail often and fail forward and you’re gonna fail your way to your next success. It’s the best way to grow from what you’re doing instead of playing it safe and staying in your corner. Get out of your comfort zone, fail now, fail often, fail forward and I can guarantee your next success is gonna come much faster than you can think.

For me, my story, my success, you can see it in the background. I’ve failed, sometimes miserably, in the last ten plus years and it all brought me here to realize one of my dream, one of my big success of 2017 and on is to spend the winter in a warm country. I chose Mexico for this time around and now that I’m opening my mind to everything that is possible, then the sky’s the limit. But I had to fail so many times before getting here. So taking risks and failing again, and again, and again and learning from those mistakes and those failures brought me here, opened or paved the way to this success right now so that’s why I’m grateful for all those risks and all those failures that brought me here.

I hope this helps. Sharing is caring so please share with somebody that needs to hear this message and I will see you next week. Until then, take care of yourself. BE healthy. Namaste.”

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