7 Ways To Strengthen Your Health in 2020

7 Ways To Strengthen Your Health in 2020

Ian Renaud

"Your Health Is Your Most Precious Wealth -- As With Finances, It Is By Investing In It That You Will Reap The Rewards!"

With everything that has been happening since the start of the year, 2020 is challenging the world in a way it hasn't been challenged in a very long time. The main insight that the events to date seem to reiterate is that we are not well prepared -- if at all -- to face major crises.

The collective element that has been on everybody’s lips since the start of 2020 is our health, individually and collectively

Perhaps this is a reminder that when we are challenged on what we predominantly take for granted, we quickly succumb to panic and hysteria, only to repeat the same mistakes all over again.

Maybe this is a gentle wake-up call to nudge us towards taking our responsibilities, as individuals and societies, before we become too weak to even live as we are meant to live.

Either way, we now know that we are generally ill-prepared, and that we would greatly benefit from taking preventive decisions and actions to strengthen our health instead of waiting for the next crisis to hit us, potentially much harder.

Here are 7 ways to strengthen your health in 2020 that will not only enable you to face the next crisis with more preparedness but also reap the instant and ongoing benefits of  solid holistic health.

1. Listen To Your Body

Physical health doesn't stop at taking decisions that are good for you. It definitely helps to take care of yourself and your body. But how do you know when it is enough? Or what to do? What to eat? 

The simplest trick is to listen. Our body is constantly sending us signals -- that can be interpreted into messages -- in the form of a symptom, an ailment or a sensation. Ever had a cold sweat? Or an inexplicable itch? Ever sneezed so out of the blue that it surprised even yourself? These signals all contain messages to guide us. 

By listening to these precious messages, we can confidently take the right decisions for ourselves, knowing they are based on our body's intelligence.

Listen to your Body
Free Your Emotions

2. Free Your Emotions

Even though it is easier to control and suppress them, our emotions are meant to be freed and fully expressed. 

Controlled and suppressed, they will grow stronger to eventually turn against us -- repressed annoyance quickly festers into anger; unattended guilt transforms into shame; even unexpressed joy can falter into anxiety.  We are always better off by freeing our emotions. 

How can we do that? By feeling them. 

By giving ourselves the opportunity to sit in it and feel it out. Only when we truly and deeply feel our emotions can we strive for a stronger health, physically and mentally.

3. Know Your Self 

The smaller, weaker part of our self -- our ego -- is constantly demanding more: more money, more actions, more attention, as if our lives were determined by what we have, what we do and what others think of us... silly, right? 

Conquering the ego is one of the most vicious inner battles that we all have, at some level. Transcending this is completely feasible but is not necessarily an easy task. 

As a first step, we need to look at our reflection in the mirror until we see, understand and (eventually) accept that we are much more than a body with things, a job and a reputation. Only then can we get a glimpse of our real potential and purpose.

Know Your Self
Upgrade Your Relationships

4. Upgrade Your Relationships 

The key aspect of this element is in the quality, not the quantity. Topping your social media friends and followers list won't help you in any way when facing your personal crisis. 

It is in developing and maintaining strong and relevant relationships -- with family, friends, partners, networks, and such -- that we can build and secure our social health. This, in turns, provides us with ongoing support through inspiration and connection. 

The best way to build and maintain healthy relationships is to connect. Often. And authentically. Conversely, taking for granted the time and attention we get from others, and deceiving them by assuming societal roles and masks are surefire ways to be left by ourselves when we need help the most. 

Connecting simply and authentically, either in person or online, with people that lift you up will build a solid social base for you to come back to when needed.

5. Express Yourself 

Taking a different approach than with relationships, communications have to be initiated as much as possible... until a certain quality is attained. 

We don't communicate enough. At least, not meaningfully. We promptly share what we had for dinner on various social media platforms but we rarely open up about ourselves, quickly shutting down most attempts with a swift "I'm fine." 

Self-expression is required for healthy communications -- our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and perspectives need to be shared with others to connect generously. Talking with facts and numbers is great to be understood by the majority, but it is by expressing our true selves that we deeply connect to the relevant few.

Once we have expressed ourselves enough, when we no longer feel the need to be heard, we can then start to listen compassionately, which is the basis of healthy communications.

Express YourSelf
Follow Your Intuition

6. Follow Your Intuition 

This might sound cliche -- and it definitely is, for a good reason: it's true! -- but you will never find the guidance you need by looking out. Any and all external guidances are to help you tune in to your own self -- all the answers you are seeking are inside you. Once you are tuned in to your inner guide, you simply need to listen and trust. 

Your intuition will always move you towards what is best for you. Sometimes, that will be a clear path. On other occasions, it will be an opportunity to learn and grow. It's always about what you truly need. So tune in, listen and trust. You will always benefit from the guidance of your intuition.

7. Stay Connected 

Here is another cliche: you are not alone.

We are all connected together. We are much more similar than we are different. When one suffers, we all suffer. My health depends on your health, and vice-versa. Whoever understands this, understands a lot. 

This is even more palpable in times of world-wide crisis. What you do affects everybody. And what we all need the most as human beings is connection. So stay connected. To others, to your spiritual beliefs, but most importantly to yourself. It is connected that we stand tall... and healthy.

Stay Connected

Do you see how each specific health supports this 7-step holistic approach? How (1) taking care of your body (2) brings up emotional release, which will (3) open you up to your true identity to enable you to (4) connect authentically with others, paving the way to (5) healthy expression and communication, with others and (6) your inner self, mostly by listening and understanding that (7) we are all in it together so we might as well regroup and (1) take care of ourselves?

That's why it works to focus on strengthening our health -- because it helps us connect in times when we need it most.

Hopefully, you will take actions on these very accessible health upgrades.

Take Good Care of Yourself and Stay healthy!

Namaste My Friend! 🙏


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