Be – Do – Have — Your New SuperPower!

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“Hey guys, I hope you’re doing great. This week I have a super powerful tip. The great thing is that it’s super simple also, easy to implement, well simple to implement, not always easy. It’s so powerful that I even put my Superman shirt because it should be considered as a superpower. Let’s get into it.

The tip that I want to share with you is really simple in the way that it’s a simple mind shift, but it’s super powerful that it can literally change your life. I’m not overstating this. It’s really powerful.

The tip is this: instead of trying to become somebody by doing something after getting something — that’s the usual way that we are, we wait to have something that will make us do something more easily. Then, when we have and we do, then obviously we become something, some type of title or anything. The best way to picture that part is with a job. We wait to have the title and then do the job so we become that position or that title. But the tip of the week is to switch that around, to be somebody now and then the actions are going to come much easier. Then, obviously, once you do the actions, you get the results.

To take another example: if you take somebody that smokes — if the person identifies as a smoker — for a smoker it’s easy to be a smoker and to do the smoking, to go have a smoke. Then, they have the results of the less good health and all that stuff. Or let’s put it on a positive note, as much as positive I can do with the smoking analogy. Let’s say for a smoker, it’s easy to smoke and then to have the break and to have the good results from smoking. But for a non-smoker, it’s super hard to go have a smoke. It’s super hard to even take a break to say, “I’m going to go outside and spend 5, 10, 15 minutes to smoke a cigarette” because it’s not in his or her identity.

That’s the tip. That’s the switch that we need to make. To have the result that we want, we have to switch in the identity that we need to do the things we need to do to create that result.

If you want that 15 minute break and you’re not a smoker, then identify yourself as a smoker and then go smoke and get a break. I’m kidding. There are much, much healthier ways to get a 15 minute break than that.

It can be taken in all shapes and sizes of results that you want to have. Let’s say you want to drop a few pounds. It’s still January, so let’s say you want to drop a few pounds and you’re battling to start going to the gym. If you do the “have – do – be” — the way we normally do stuff — is that you have some extra pounds and you want to go to the gym to drop them and then be healthy or be lighter. If you switch that around and you consider yourself — you jump into the identity of — being a healthy person, then the healthy person will go to the gym or will eat differently and, as a result, without even trying to do, they will drop the few extra pounds.

I hope I’m clear with this explanation. It’s super simple, but at the same time we can, I sure can, overcomplicate things a lot of times. I hope it’s simple enough as an explanation to enable you to put in practice right away. That’s the obvious result that I want to get with these videos because you can know, you can have all the knowledge you want but if you don’t put it into action, then that knowledge is completely useless.

Let me know in the comments below if it’s understandable, if it’s simple enough. As I said, it’s simple, but it’s not always easy. The idea is, instead of waiting, that we have something to do what is relevant with that title or that position or that situation and then being able to identify, to put our identity, to be that person or be in that position, then let’s twist this around and identify ourselves now as the result that we want. Either a more healthy person, either more abundant financially or otherwise, a loving partner.

For people that are single or that they’re relationship is going so-so, you can identify yourself now as a good lover or a better lover. Then, as the better lover, the actions that you need to do will come naturally to you. Then, obviously when you do the actions, you get the results.

Obviously, it can apply to any type of results that you want — when you identify with the person you need to be to do the stuff you need to do to get the results you want.

I hope it’s understandable. I hope it helps you, it supports you and it serves you. As always, sharing is caring. If you know somebody that would benefit from that twist of mindset, then send them this video and leave me a comment to let me know how do you intend to use it.

I know I’ve been using it recently for my physical health. I have a really solid all-around holistic health, but my fitness level is not at the point that I want it to be. Instead of forcing myself to go to the gym to eventually be fit, then I identify myself right now as a fit person, as a person that works out, as a person that moves more. Then, my natural tendency is every day I walk more, I move more, I stretch. The result is that, within a couple of, well, almost three weeks now, I already feel a lot fitter. It’s working. It’s working for me.

I hope that you’re going to put this mindset twist to good use and to put it right now, now that you know about it. If you don’t take action, like I said, the knowledge is useless. Now you have the information. Put it to good use and share with somebody that needs to hear that.

Again, I’ll see you next week. Take good care. Put your knowledge to work and it will reward you. Be the person you need to be to do the actions that you need to do to get the results that you want. Have a great week. I’ll see you next week. Namaste.”

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