Growing vs Settling

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“Hey guys. I wanted to share a thought that I had this week, and that I think it’s really interesting to consider. I was listening to a Tony Robbins video, and he was comparing the idea, or the two opposite ideas of growing and settling for less than what you can be. He pushed the idea even a little bit further, by saying that if you don’t grow, like everything else in nature works that way — the animals, the plants, and everything — if you don’t grow, then you die.

If you’re not on a consistent upward motion to grow into the real person, and the full person that you are, then basically if you’re not growing, or if you’re not going up, you’re going down. It can be towards a non supportive nutrition, it can be through relationships that you’re holding onto, but you know that you should let go. There’s different ways that you’re settling for less than who you are, and who you can be. And there are so many ways that you can grow, like just in the same type of examples, by upgrading the different foods that you eat, or by letting go of one relationship that’s really dragging you down. Then you’re growing. You’re growing into something or somebody that you should be.

My thoughts on that is, first of all, I agree with this idea. If we’re not growing, then some part of us is slowly dying. And every decision that we make, it’s always about either growing or settling. But in this case, on dying.

Every decision that we make throughout the day — whether it would be what attitude to have, what to get for breakfast, doing exercises or not, or how we do the exercises — if we push ourselves mindlessly, or we’re really conscious about what we’re doing, what people we connect with during the day, what we do, if we wake up in the morning and the first thing that we do is look up our emails, and start trying to put out fires… Every decision that we make, and every actions that we make, are either supporting us, so helping us grow, or they’re making us suffer, so they’re basically, in these terms, they’re “killing us” — a little bit harsh but in the long run, that’s what it is.

I was thinking about that, and I jotted down a few notes, and I wanted to share with you this message. That every decisions that we take is either supporting who we want to be, and who we’re becoming, or is blocking us from doing so.

I want to invite you to think about that, and to start taking decisions more consciously on one basis. Ask yourself the question, whenever you’re deciding either, “Am I going to go workout, or am I going to go binge on Netflix? Am I going to eat a healthy meal, or go feast on fast food or something like that?” Ask yourself the question, “What I’m about to do, is it going to support my health, my life, my relationships, the person I want to be? Or, is it going to drag me down, or block me from becoming, really becoming who I am, and living my life to the fullest?”

When you ask that question, it does two things. One, it brings you back to the present moment. And second, it gives you the exact path that you should take. Whether you take it or not, that’s up to you obviously. But, at least when you’re asking the question, you’re more conscious about the choices. And, usually what happens is that we end up choosing what supports us. The good choice for us. Obviously we’re all different, and for the same questions, sometimes people will have different answers. But as long as it’s your answers, and as long as it supports who you want to be, that’s the important thing.

Even if it doesn’t fit with what others want for you, or what others are saying that you should or shouldn’t do, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about them, it’s about you. So ask yourself the question, “What I’m about to do, is it supporting my life, is it supporting my system, my mind, my relationships? Or, is it blocking the flow of energy, and the freedom that I can feel by doing this action?”

Then I invite you to take one more step, and as much as possible, choose the option that supports you. Because it’s through that mentality and that consciousness, and always choosing what supports you versus what blocks you, that you’re going to create, one step at a time, your perfect life — the perfect life for you.

I hope that you’re going to start to include that in your daily routines or regimes, and I can guarantee you when I started asking myself that, “What I’m about to do, is it supporting me or blocking me?”, then it really did a positive impact on my life, on my daily life, and daily habits. Short term, medium term, long term, it brought me a lot of benefits. I invite you to do so.

And again, sharing is caring. Share that with somebody that you think might want to hear this message, or on social media for a general share. I will really appreciate it.

Until we see each other in the next video, then I say take care of yourself. Ask yourself the question, “Is this supporting me or blocking me?” And I invite you to choose the supportive answer, and to support yourself, and take care of yourself as much as possible. Namaste, and see you soon.”

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