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“Hey, everybody. I’m back this week with another video, and we are the early, early December. I want to share with you what I’m doing. Today I’m starting a cleanse, like a juice cleanse. Well, first of all why do a cleanse? I do it to reset. So throughout the year we throw a bunch of stuff to our bodies. Some of us alcohol, some of us maybe junk food or fast food some of the times, and we also do exercises, we also some of us smoke. You can do anything, but everything that you put into your body affects it in either a positive way or a less positive way. Whether we want it or not there are some less positive ways that we don’t necessarily choose, like pollution, or secondhand smoke, or different stuff that they put in food in restaurants or fast food, or whatever.

So the idea with the juice cleanse is to take a moment. Usually it’s either three days, or five days, or seven days, and it’s to take a moment to give the strict basic to your body, but exactly what it needs to replenish and to repair itself because the body, whatever we do to it, the body has a natural and biological way to recreate, to reproduce, and to fix itself by itself. So if we let the body go through its normal and its biologically stable way of doing, of being, then the body is going to replenish itself. I’m sure you read that somewhere that, I think it’s like every seven months our skin regenerates itself. I think it’s every seven years or something like that, or every three years every single cell in our body is renewed, is recreated. So by letting our body do its thing, it’s gonna reconstruct itself in the best way possible.

But what we do is that we bombard it with a bunch of stuff throughout the whole year non-stop, so a cleanse is an opportunity for the body, to feed the body exactly what it needs. So healthy juices, vegetables, in the easiest way for the body to absorb it, which is through juices. It’s important to get ideally organic juices, and the whole fruits. So really the best way is to do it yourself, but there are some companies that do super great juices, like I can think of Bolthouse or something like that, that they make their juices with the whole fruit or the whole vegetable. It’s really about juicing, it’s not just about concentrated juice, or added sugar, or anything. The best juice that you can take to go through a cleanse like that, then it’s gonna help your body to readjust itself and clean itself to the best of its capabilities.

There’s two things that you’ve got to remember. One, you’ve got to diversify the juices. There are some cleanses out there that they say, “Drink one type of juice for three or five or seven days.” I’m not really in sync with that. I prefer to get different juices. This is my greenish concoction. It’s the last one of the day, but today I had for, early this morning, for breakfast I had a cacao smoothie with almond milk, banana, strawberries, raspberries, bunch of different elements in there. The cacao was protein based with hemp protein. Then I had a yellow juice. I had a yellow kinda light greenish, and then I went to red and the purple, and then this is the last of the day. This one is only green vegetables, but I also added in it some broccoli, some spinach, and I blended it to make it as easy for my body to take in.

So the idea with juicing is that because throughout the year, and I say throughout the year, you don’t have to juice only once-a-year. I do it two to three times a year when I feel a little bit sluggish, when I feel a little bit out of whack or something, and I feel that I need a boost. I need to cleanup the inside of my body to get the level of energy going again. Then I cleanse usually two, three, four times a year. Every season is a good way to remember it. When the season starts, you cleanse for either three or five days. I like to do five days, so the whole week. Now we’re Monday, so the whole week until Friday, I got my smoothies setup, I got my juices setup.

The second thing that you’ve got to remember is that cleansing, because you give your body everything it needs to clean out and to push out all the dirt or the biological dirt that’s inside of you, the mucus, the different little particles that holds onto, but then when you give it exactly what it needs, fresh juices and fruits and vegetables, then it pushes all that goo out. So what you’ve got to remember, as I said earlier, is that you’ve got to use the best juices that you can find, and because you’re giving your body exactly what it needs to function at its best and to cleanup the best it can, then the cleaning part, the first 24 hours or maybe the first 48 to 72 hours, you’re gonna feel your body cleaning out and even more so if you have a somewhat unbalanced nutrition, then you’re gonna really feel the effect of the cleanse. Which is great, but at the same time I feel I need to address this issue because usually people, after 24 to 48 hours, they stop the cleanse because they get headaches. You can get muscle cramps, you can get even constipation.

There’s different symptoms that are linked with your body pushing that stuff out, so that’s why during a cleanse you’ve got to keep on drinking the juices. Diversify during the day, you can do five days of the same thing, but during the day you diversify on the juices and a lot, a lot of water. I would suggest about two liters of water per day plus the juices. So it’s important to do it the right way to have the best benefits, but obviously as soon as you get right back to eating what you’re used to eating then it defeats a little bit of the purpose. So the cleanse is a really good first step to clean the slate and to really give your body what it needs. Then after the cleanse is done, it’s really the time to understand that the better the choices you make after the cleanse, then it’s gonna support your body in the best way.

So I invite you to do a cleanse. We’re almost towards the end of the year, maybe wait after the Christmas binges, so maybe early next year you can start a cleanse. Three, five, or seven days. You can go look on the internet, there’s a bunch of resources for that. I suggest do a five-day cleanse, maybe the five first day of the year. then you’re all set for a new training regimen or to get your life and your energy on a new level.

So I invite you to do that. I hope this is interesting and this is helping for you. I’m gonna go back to my last drink of the day, the green juice of the day. And if you feel that somebody you know needs to hear this message remember sharing is caring, and also let me know what you think about cleanses. If you already did some or what are your takes on them in the comments below, and we can start a conversation. So I hope this helps you. I wish you all the best. I’m going back to my green juice, and I say to you namaste and see you soon.”

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