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“Hey guys. I’m shooting this quick video for the weekly blog. One question that comes up to me a lot, and for some reason near the end of the year it comes up more often, like January 1st is coming and then the new resolutions and trying to change your life in some way, a lot of people ask me, “How do I know which path to choose? There’s so many options. Do I stay focused on the same path? Do I do something different?”

Most of the time, people are looking for a really precise answer, like, “Tell me where to go. Tell me what direction to take.” Even when they ask questions to their intuition or to their guidance, arc angels, or whatever you believe in, people want, usually they want a super clear answer that will guide them and say, “Okay. You need to go in this direction. You need to go in that direction”, and then they can follow exactly that.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. It rarely gives you super clear confirmations or information. What you have to do is you always have to keep listening. What I tell people is the best way is to lean into what’s calling you and then see what happens, kind of like test it if you want. You lean in. Let’s say, I don’t know, you have a full time job, a 9 to 5, and the house, the kids, and everything, but then there’s something inside you that’s calling you to be more artistic. Then you can lean into it, lean into your artistic side, and start painting or playing music or whatever is calling you or making you vibrate to a higher level, but you don’t have to sell everything and then completely focus on being a famous painter and making a bunch of money.

You don’t have to completely switch your life all the time. Micro changes or mini changes or sometimes big changes will create a really big impact in the long term. It’s not always about having the result right away. As a society, we’re hooked on instant gratification, but it’s always “You got to enjoy the journey!”

To enjoy the journey, you got to have a main plan, a main goal, or a main vision where you want to head, but it’s not going to be tomorrow. It’s going to be a long way, a long path, and a long journey. To enjoy it, you have to test it first because if you say, “I’m going in one direction”, then my intuition says, “Open up to your artistic side”, so I completely destroy that path to completely focus on another one, that might not be the best way to do it.

You can keep what you have if you feel that it’s a security or if you feel that it’s a consistency that gets you something. Then you can lean in whatever is calling you and reach out to your future peers or lean in just a little bit outside of your comfort zone to be able to test it, test the waters to see, “Is this making me vibrate to a higher level?” If it does, then you can transition slowly from one situation to the other.

Everybody’s going to have their own way of transitioning. Some people, it’s like they need a clear cut and then switch completely. Other people need to prepare for a long time and then gradually switch. Whatever is your way, your preferred way of transitioning, before engaging in the transition, lean in the direction or on the path that is calling you from the inside from your intuition level, and then you can confirm it. Once it’s confirmed, then you can initiate the transition at your pace.

Another thing, it’s never going to be super clear because life or God or your intuition, call it whatever you want, they’re not going to give you super precise answers, but they’re going to put people on your path that are going to talk to you about a certain book or a certain movie and it’s going to be repetitive, like a few people in a short span, in a short amount of days. They’re going to talk to you about the same subject.

I like to do either life purpose or intuition cards, like from Doreen Virtue or something like that. When I have a hunch or an intuition, I go to the cards and I pick one. I’m like, “What message should I be getting? Why is this happening?” Then the card is going to give me a different perspective or a different way of going or understanding the situation. When that happens, I lean into that sense. I lean towards that new idea. If it resonates, if it fits with me, then I can embrace it fully, but if I lean into it and it’s like, “It doesn’t really fit right”, then I can get back a little bit, recenter myself, and try something else, try a different approach.

It’s the same thing for whether it’s a really big life change or if it’s a smaller idea that you have or a calling that’s been calling you maybe for years and you’ve been stuffing it down but now it’s coming back up. You don’t have to have the complete clean cut and transition into something completely different. When you get the calling, lean into it, test it, see how it feels, and then if it feels right and if it’s a good confirmation, then you can move on and really take solid steps to create that new life for you.

I hope this helps. I hope this answers your question about that topic. Whether it’s right now or January 1st or anything, even the resolutions, it’s the same thing. If there’s a resolution that surfaces, like, “Take care of your body” or “Communicate more” or “Connect with people more”, lean into it. If it feels great, go for it.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions, down below you have the comments section where we can start a contact or communication. As always, sharing is caring. You got the links up on this video or just at the bottom of the page to share on social medias or, more specifically, with somebody that needs to hear this message. I wish you all the best. Namaste. I will see you soon for another video. Ciao.”

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