Light AND Darkness

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“Hey, my friend. I hope you’re doing great. I’m sending you super positive vibes from Parque La Ceiba with the tree, TaTa Tree, just behind me. It’s a tree that was damaged while the hurricane Wilma struck Mexico a few years back, and it completely got him on its side. But because its roots were deep enough and healthy enough, it started to grow a second life. So there’s a little forest that is growing on the tree that has been put on its side.

And it inspired me to talk about a subject that we usually try to avoid, and it’s our ‘dark’ side versus our ‘light’ side. And what we usually do is that we try to suppress our dark side to let our light side shine as much as it can. But it’s Carl Jung that is telling us that to really shine bright you have to explore your dark side, your darkness, and really get to know it. And it’s not about cutting out the darkness, or it’s not about pushing it away, it’s about taking your Light and shedding some light in the darkness to make it less dark. There’s another quote that I really like, it’s that you can’t fight darkness with darkness. It has to be a Light that shines in the darkness.

And that’s what brings me to the tip of this week: it’s that you have to explore both, you have to explore your strengths, and you have to explore your weaknesses; and you have to explore what you love, and you have to also explore what irritates you to accept it more, and, ultimately, to make one with all that, all the different parts of your being and your life.

It’s the same thing as the TaTa Tree. It’s because the stronger your roots are, the stronger your Light or your tree or your branches can grow. So, it has to be that exploration, that self-knowledge has to be really encompassing everything that is about you. So, when you explore, when you play on your strengths, don’t forget that you also have some weaknesses, some points that can be better, at least ‘less bad’. It’s when you work on these that you can really make a difference and grow to your fullest of potential.

So, I hope this inspires you. And like the TaTa Tree, when you do go deeper in your roots and your self-knowledge, and you explore that, and you accept your ‘dark’ side, then your Light can really shine through. And whenever there’s an obstacle, or a trauma, like hurricane Wilma for the TaTa Tree, then you know that you will be okay because, in the end, it’s about your whole — your strength with your whole — part that will prevail any type of negative or bad moment, or crisis, or trauma that you can go through.

So remember that — explore your two sides, mainly the darkness, because that’s the side we tend to push back or push down. So, explore as much your dark side as your light, and then you will see that your Light will shine even brighter.

So I hope this serves you. I hope you put this in practice and look with a new perspective at your weaknesses or your points of making something better. And, at the same time, don’t forget your strengths, they are gifts for you so be grateful about them and use them accordingly.

So I hope this serves you. Namaste, and see you next week.”

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