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7-video series on “What To Do When THIS Makes You Suffer”



“Hey guys, Ian here. I wanted to shoot this quick video because I have an important message for you. I’m working right now on a conference that I’m going to do tomorrow evening and one of the part of that conference is about — the whole conference is about health, but in seven different levels or seven different fields of health and one of them is the physical health. Working on that conference the first thing that came to mind, because it’s a conference that my intention or my message is to open people up to a different message.

Because when we deal with physical health, it’s all about when you have some kind of ailment or sickness it goes right to the chemical products and the pills and everything. You go see a doctor in let’s say North America and the first thing that they’re going to prescribe you is either like medications or pills or whatever. They rarely go, some of them do but they rarely go towards yoga or meditation to calm anxiety or better health habits like a little bit of exercise or better sources of food.

My message that I’m going to share in the conference and that I wanted to share with you today is when it comes to your body’s health, your body is way more, like thousand times more, intelligent — like viscerally and biologically — intelligent than any doctor on the planet.

Please listen to your body. If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong for your body. If it feels great, even if it gets you out of your comfort zone but it’s still calling you, then please test it and like I said in another video, consider all your options, stay open, and test it and then you’ll find exactly what works for you. Now I’m not — even though I’m not supporting any chemicals or pills or whatever — what I’m saying is not to cut out everything that’s non natural. Sometimes, in very precise cases and on a temporary basis, sometimes there’s really good alternatives on the medication or chemical products or pharmaceutical alternatives.

By all means, do both at the same time. Go for a more natural approach, naturopathic approach, and if need be, like if your life depends on it, obviously do also the pharmaceutical and the pills or whatever, like the vaccines or whatever, but always consider all the options and don’t forget or stay open to the natural side and to the energetic treatments, massages, therapy. It’s all natural ways that your body can regulate itself. When you feed your body, like through the skin or through eating or drinking, when you feed your body the right stuff, your body is created to heal itself way more rapidly than with any types of pills or medication.

Always remember that the pills and the medications are about treating symptoms, so they’re really good at what they’re made for but they don’t treat the inner cause that created the illness or the sickness or the ailment or the uncomfortable feeling or the hurt or the broken bone or whatever. Always keep in mind that it’s important to consider all options and please be open and consider the alternatives — what we call alternatives in North America — but the alternative medicine that usually are way more supportive and a lot less aggressive on your body.

Always listen to your body. It’s a lot more intelligent than any type of outside perspective that you can get. If it feels right, go for it. If it feels wrong, find an alternative. Obviously, always be authentic in your approach meaning that through your body you’re going to feel it if it feels good or not and at the same time, well if it does feel good, then go for it. If it feels off or whatever, then speak up with your health professional to find an alternative. That’s what they’re there for. They’re there to make sure that you’re at your best physically at least.

Always listen to your body and always be authentic and honest and speak up for your own good, for your own health and get some really great positive results.

This is it for now. I will be posting more precise health, physical health, related videos in the future, so come back often and at the same time I invite you to share with me your perspective on natural versus chemical or pharmaceutical remedies for every day like sickness or small, or bigger, or the worst. Please tell me all about your perspective on that in the comments below and if you know somebody that needs to hear this message, then share it with them. All the best. Namaste. See you in the next video.”

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