Hello my Friend!

I am hoping you are doing great and that Life is treating you well!

You may know me from my website design services, or my craft shows organization, or even as a longtime friend.

Whatever the circumstances we met in, I chose you to share my main (personal and professional) mission, and invite you to participate in my next project.

My mission is to “Wake Up & Ignite” — ever since I read my first personal development book over 20 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people ‘wake up’ (aka become more conscious) and guide them to ‘ignite their inner Light’ (aka know/accept/express themselves completely and authentically).

Now that I am fully embracing my mission on a professional level, I am called to “go all in” and serve fully!

That is why I created the All Namasted Spiritual Warrior Online Summit — the summit all spiritual warriors must attend to create their all namasted lifestyle!


All Namasted = state of BEing when your Light is shining bright!

Spiritual Warrior = who ‘fights’ their own self-ignorance with curiosity, discovery, knowledge and acceptance

Online Summit = series of conferences to learn from, presented online to registered participants

You are getting this message as an invite to contribute to this online summit as a presenter! 😀

This is an opportunity:

* to share your message (there are 7 categories available to choose from, based on the 7 main chakras)

* to connect with a new audience (all presenters will be asked to share the summit invitation to their tribe), and

* to generate a revenue from the event (we may not be in it for the money but our businesses need it to support our message 😉 )

(and you probably already have the necessary contribution ready to share!!)

Here are all relevant infos on my project:

1. I am inviting YOU (you have been chosen from all the possible contributors I know) to actively participate in the All Namasted Spiritual Warriors Online Summit! 😀

2. When will this happen: the summit will be live from Friday, August 30th, to Friday September 6th, inclusively.

3. What will be presented: the All Namasted lifestyle is based on activating the seven main chakras so the summit will present two conferences on each of the seven main subjects…

Body (physical health, biology, nutrition, etc.),

Emotions (emotional health, management of emotions, etc.),

Identity (Self vs Ego, who am I, etc.),

Relationships (self-love, love of others, being loved, receiving vs giving, etc.),

Communication (self-expression, talking vs listening, etc.),

Intuition (hearing and listening to our inner voice, having all the answers within, etc.),

Spirituality (connection to the Divine/God/Higher Power, interconnection, etc.)

4. How can I contribute: I am asking for a prerecorded message/exercise/teaching on video, from 45mins minimum to 90mins maximum.

It can be a video you already created and shared in the past or it can be created for the purpose of this online event — either way, you keep the ‘rights’ to your video, I will simply borrow it for the summit.

You can present whatever you want, ideally as an applicable teaching that the viewer can implement right away.

(if you have a promotional offer to share, you will get the opportunity on your own ‘Presenter’s page’ — more on that opportunity when you reply positively to this invitation 😉 )

5. What’s in it for me: an opportunity to…

Serve and share your message to more people (internationally),

Build your email list,

Make a generous commission on the summit’s revenue you generate,

Offer your (free or paid) product to an already interested audience.

6. Important dates to respect: I need a confirmation of your participation by August 20, and the link to your downloadable video by August 29.

7. Ways I can help: by sharing the summit’s registration page, we all contribute to sharing this opportunity with our email list and social following.

There will be resources made available to you to promote the summit and your own presentation.

8. I have more questions: I am available to answer any questions, consider any ideas, and reply to any comments you may have.

9. What I do now: if it is not already done, reply to this email confirming your participation before August 20. When you do so, I will get back to you with more info on your Presenter’s page, login info to our platform, and extra resources.

Thank you for considering this invitation, I deeply appreciate it! <3

Sending you Love! <3