Put Your Health First

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“Hey, guys. This is my last video of 2017. Can you believe it that we’re already there? I feel that the year 2017 went by so fast. And at the same time, I felt that it was a tough year, like lots of transformations and lots of challenges.

But I felt that, for the last video, I hope that the background here, this bird is inspiring you for 2018 to really take flight. And one way that I do it is to constantly come back to my health. I’ve found that in 2017 and a couple of years before that one of the main pillars that I could really focus on was my health, my physical health, my mental health. Anything could be jeopardized or go wrong around me but as long as I feel healthy inside, like mentally and physically and spiritually, then I would have something to go back on really easily.

So, hopefully, you do the same thing. If you didn’t do it, then it’s obviously never too late. So, hopefully, you do the same thing and focus on your health. Put your health first.

I believe that our health is the most important thing that we have. Because without health, then money doesn’t matter. You can do anything like activities, family, relationships, they don’t matter if you can’t really enjoy them. And the only way that you can enjoy anything is through your health.

When you have a solid health and a strong health, a vibrant health, then you can do anything you want. And even if you’re lacking in — I wouldn’t say lacking but if you’re not exactly where you want to be in so many instances, then you definitely need your health to bring yourself to that level. Either financially, either within a relationship, whether family wise, professionally wise, whatever. As long as you have your health, you can do whatever you want. It’s when our health starts fading or when we don’t take care of our health and then we start to have problems, that’s when we really understand the preciousness — not sure if it’s a word, but anyway — the preciousness of our health. It’s so precious and it’s so relevant to take care of our health that way.

Right now, it’s December 25th so for those of you that are celebrating Christmas, Feliz Navidad. And I wish you the best 2018 year ever. I hope this is your year. If you’re into astrology or whatever, it’s supposed to be a lot easier and a lot simpler going forward from this point on.

So, hopefully, the bird here in the background inspires you to fly high and really go after your dreams. And remember to put your health first.

And if you need some more inspiration… I got some traffic in the background here… if you need some more inspiration, check out the link below and I’ll help you to start the year strong.

So, I hope this inspires you. Take good care of your health. Make 2018 YOUR year. Namaste and see you soon.”

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