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“Hi, guys. I hope you’re doing great. This week’s video, I was inspired because I’m in Mexico and Frida Kahlo, which you see right here in the background, is a really big inspiration for Mexican people, mostly Mexican women. She was an artist that really stand up for her rights, and for feminism, and for anybody that was really pressured or oppressed during her life.

It really got me inspired to do a video about speaking up because right now, mostly in the United States, but a little bit everywhere around the world we see that movement, the #MeToo movement. Right now, it’s the Time’s Up movement about women speaking up from being oppressed, from being abused, from being pushed on the side, from being left by themselves. It’s really about, from my feeling, from my point of view, it makes me a bit sad that we need a movement like this but, at the same time, it makes me super happy and really grateful that there are so many powerful women that decide to stand up and speak up for their rights and for their lives.

It all ties up with my version of communicating and really speaking up in a way that your message is heard and your message is understood because we can try to speak, we can try to express ourselves all we want. But, if our message is not understood, it falls into deaf ear. The idea is really to speak from the heart.

In the last few, well, I’d say throughout 2017, what mostly the message that we heard was mainly a cry for help and a denunciation of what was going on which is great. It’s one type of communication. In 2012, even though that abuse and that oppression was going on for years… then in 2017, sorry, last year, it really started to resonate and really strong women and more women just decided to open up and speak up for not only for themselves, but for the future of women that this needs to stop. In their situation it was all about being sexually abused and being categorized because they were women. Just the idea of unequal pay because a woman is doing the same job as a man and is not getting the same pay, it’s nonsense. It’s completely nonsense.

Now to know that for so many years men have been oppressing and have been abusing women and, now that it’s coming out in the daylight and some of those men, they had a reputation of welcoming women and now it’s the complete opposite. They’ve been lying. They’ve been tricking they’re way through life. Now, hopefully, they’re paying for their bad behavior, hopefully.

The most important point is the women that are speaking up for themselves and that are being heard, that’s the most important because even though nothing else comes out of it, the power that these women got, went to get back, this is huge. This is life-changing for them obviously and it’s also life-changing for a generation of change that is moving forward like this.

Last night — we’re January 8 — Oprah Winfrey gave a super great speech about women taking back their power and really focusing on expressing, on really being themselves 100% and it all starts with the expression, our self-expression. If you’re listening to this and you might be a woman in a situation like that or you might be also a man in a situation like that, either it’s sexually abused or oppressed in some way or any way, even if it’s only your personal voice, it’s so important that you really take the time to express it, to express yourself fully and in a way that you are heard and that you are listened to and that you are understood.

The main idea or the main tip that I can give you is to let go of speaking from the head. When we try to intellectualize everything, it really works. Instead of speaking from the head, be ready to ground yourself and be ready to speak from the heart. When you speak from the heart, you’re going to speak in the same way as Oprah Winfrey spoke last night and all those women that spoke up for their rights and their personal power. In the last year but also in the last 200 years, before it was dispersed a little bit, rarely done, but now that we’re getting more and more, the momentum is growing and there’s more and more women speaking up for their rights. I suggest you take that as inspiration. Whatever is your message, you need to speak up. You need to share it. You need to love your message and love yourself enough to share your message.

As I said, one way to do it is to speak from the heart and your message will be heard. Take it as an inspiration. Frida Kahlo in the background, Oprah Winfrey last night and now today I’m seeing all types of people, men, women, children, elderlies, that they are speaking up and they are supporting the movement.

The two movements that are going on right now is the Me Too that was really popular last year, #MeToo. Now it’s the #TimesUp movement. The links are going to be below this video if you want to check them out. Really I can’t say it enough. Express yourself fully. Share your message. When it comes from the heart, it will be heard and it will be listened to and it will be understood.

I hope this serves you. From Mexico, I say namaste. Thank you for listening. Again, sharing is caring. If you think that somebody needs to hear this message to finally speak up, then share this video and let’s spread this movement, this speaking up and this expression and communication movement because the time is definitely up. Thank you. Namaste. See you next week.”

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