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7-video series on “What To Do When THIS Makes You Suffer”



“Hello, my friend. Welcome to the final video, the seventh video of this 7-video series about what to do when this makes you suffer. The video of today: we’re going to talk about what to do when your spirituality is suffering, so obviously, it’s not your spirituality that makes you suffer, but it’s when you’re disconnected from it. Then, you suffer from that lack of connection.

And for the spirituality, I want to emphasize on the idea that I’m not talking strictly about religion. I’m not talking strictly about spirituality as a concept. It’s really about the all-encompassing type of spirituality. Meaning, it’s the part of you that’s bigger than you, so if you’re into some type of religion, that’s great. If you identify to a specific type of god or entity, that’s also amazing. If you believe that you are not spiritual, then I have news for you, my friend. You are. Everybody has a spiritual life, but if you feel that you don’t connect with anything, then your spiritual life… we could say that your spiritual life is at zero, and then you can grow from there, but again, that’s one of my beliefs that everybody has a spiritual life, so you got one too. You just need to nurture it, and revive it, and discover what your beliefs are and what you connect to.

In the perspective whether you’re super religious, or you don’t have anything to connect with, or you’re super spiritual with the grander scheme of things, then the only message that I need to share to you is to stay open because even if you’re super religious or super spiritual, or you believe that you don’t have any spiritual life, the only thing that can disconnect you from that is to close yourself from your spiritual side. Even if you’re really connected to a god or something, then you have to open up to that idea and to that entity to receive the messages.

Same thing with the spiritual life and same thing with if you believe you don’t have any spiritual life, as soon as you open up a little bit and you start reading on different types of religion or spiritualities — as soon as you start opening up a little bit, then your spirituality is going to go from zero to one, two, three, and then go up from there. And you can bring it to whatever level you want, but the main message about that, when we suffer on the level of our spirituality, it’s because we’re closed.

We could feel super connected to our religion, but then when we close off, if we’re closed off to other religions, then obviously, we’re mainly disconnected. Even if we feel super connected in one way, if we tend to push away everything else, then obviously, we’re going to be disconnected from all of that, and we can go so far by being connected to only one. And I’m not suggesting that you go and explore all religions or all types of spiritualties, or go from super religious to atheist. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m not trying to push you in any direction.

What I’m saying is that wherever you are, as soon as you open up a little bit more, then you’re going to feel a lot more connected. Usually, the symptoms of a struggling or a suffering spirituality is when we’re in the judgment of others at large, but mainly with other religions, or other spiritualities, or people that say that they’re not connected at all. When we’re in the judgment of that and when we try to impose our own beliefs on others, then obviously, we’re suffering.

When that happens, when you catch yourself doing that, then remember to just open up a little bit, and you will feel way more connected — connected to others, connected to yourself, and connected to your higher power, your god, whatever the name you want to give it, but mainly, you’re going to feel more connected to the grand scheme of things, and it’s going to bring you a lot of connection, obviously. A lot of love, a lot of openness, a lot of security, stability, and probably more understanding about how you work, how the inner perspective of you work, and then you can understand better the world around you because you’re going to feel more connected.

Then ultimately it’s to understand that wherever we come from, whatever we do, whatever we look like, then when we feel more connected, we understand that we are way more similar than different, and that ultimately, we are one. I am you, and you are me, and that works for everybody and everywhere around the planet. Because we are one, then we need to stay connected. We need to stay open to each other and connect in the deepest way possible.

I hope this helps you. If you feel you’re struggling, or you’re in the judgment, or you’re suffering spiritually, then open up a little more, and you will see the benefits, and it’s going to bring you, hopefully, it’s going to bring you on the path of more opening, and more connection, and then more vibrancy in your spiritual life.

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I wish you all the best. Namaste, which is a recognition of a spiritual connection. The Light in me recognizes the Light in you, so Namaste, my friend. Take really good care, and we’ll see each other soon in another blog video. Bye-bye.”

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