I inspire people to consciously deepen their inner peace so that they enjoy more of life.


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More Peace, Less Stress

That’s the purpose of the SADHANA approach. Through daily guided actions based on holistic health principles, you can deepen your own inner peace by managing stressors.

Just like a hot air balloon, it’s the balance between actively feeding hot air into the balloon (taking inspired actions) and releasing what weighs it down (managing stressors) that enables the smoothest rides.

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Experience What Inner Peace Feels Like

This free 7-day challenge identifies the seven main stressors of life and guides you through reflections and exercises so you open up to a feeling of inner peace.

Be Peaceful Now!

Let Go Of What Was

This powerful 30-minute mourning meditation supports you through letting go of what does not serve you anymore. Simply sit... listen... relax... and let go...

Meditate Yourself To Peace!

Is Your Team Resilient?

The results of this quick survey will confirm the level of resilience your team has, plus some suggestions on deepening it.

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I’m Ian, a spiritual warrior on a mission of world peace. I teach and guide whoever seeks a more peaceful life, filled with love, fulfillment, success and happiness.


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